Badminton is a racquet sport featuring a feathered shuttlecock and a high net like in Volleyball. It is played indoors on a court. Badminton originated in India, South East or East Asia in games such as Hanetsuki (Japan) and was brought back to Ireland by those returning from the British Empire in India (Raj).

The Irish Open is the longest-running Badminton Tournament in the World, with top players arriving from all over Europe and the World to compete. Asian countries such as India, China and Indonesia make up a large number of the World’s top-ranked players, although Ireland competes at a level well above its’ size, with players reaching the last-16 of the Olympics in recent times.

Badminton is played both competitively and recreationally in community centres throughout Ireland. The biggest prize in Irish Badminton is the Irish Open, a top International Tournament, which has been running for over 100 years. There are also numerous Individual & Doubles competitions throughout the year, run on a National, Provincial or Local (County) basis

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