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Ulster Badminton League 2014-15

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UBL Division 1 2014-15

UBL Division 1 2014-15PWDLPts
Alpha Steelers (C)1082051
ACBC Greenwell Street1044244
Alpha Titans1032540
Academy A1034338
Academy B1022635
Alpha Raiders1022632
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UBL Division 2 2014-15

UBL Division 2 2014-15PWDLPts
Ballyclare Hurricanes (C)10100061
Academy C1052345
Clogher A1032536
Alpha Eagles1013630
St. Anne’s1020826
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UBL Division 3 2014-15

UBL Division 3 2014-15PWDLPts
Ballyclare Typhoons (C)1081161
Whiteabbey A1081157
Lissara A1062250
Whitehead/Holy Trinity A1012728
Academy D1021725
Alpha Leopards1011819
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UBL Division 4 2014-15

UBL Division 4 2014-15PWDLPts
Queens University Belfast A (C)1091055
Clogher B1061353
Ballyclare Cyclones1060450
ACBC Strean1042440
Glenmore A1012726
St. John’s1010915
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UBL Division 5 2014-15

UBL Division 5 2014-15PWDLPts
Clogher C (C)1091058
St. Andrews1062249
Whiteabbey B1043343
Academy E1013631
2nd Sainfield Warriors1032530
Ballyclare Whirlwinds1003729
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UBL Division 6 2014-15

UBL Division 6 2014-15PWDLPts
Queens University Belfast B (C) #1072151
Whitehead/Holy Trinity B1045146
Lissara B1043346
Alpha Lions #1053246
Glenmore B #1021733
2nd Sainfield Scholars1002814
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UBL Division 7 2014-15

UBL Division 7 2014-15PWDLPts
Banbridge A (C)972062
Loughbrickland A953149
Alpha Tyros931528
Ulster University Jordanstown90095
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UBL Division 8 2014-15

UBL Division 8 2014-15PWDLPts
Alpha Wizards (C) 971154
Banbridge B951348
Loughbrickland B942339
Pan Disability90093
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Note: 8 Matches per Fixture. 1 Point per Match won. (C) Champions # 2 Pts Deducted for No Show.


Alpha Steelers won the Ulster Badminton League Division 1 Title with points to spare as they finished with 8 fixtures won, two drawn and none lost for a total of 51 Match Points, 7 ahead of second placed ACBC Greenwell Street. Other Division winners were : Ballyclare Hurricanes (D2), Ballyclare Typhoons (D3), Queens University Belfast A (D4), Clogher C (D5), Queens University Belfast B (D6), Banbridge A (D7) and Alpha Wizards (D8).

Ulster Badminton Courts [References: 4]



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