League: Northern Ireland American Football Association 1986

Carrickfergus Cougars American Football

Season report 1986

Carrickfergus Cougars went fully kitted in 1986, playing at least two matches after joining the season late – one a 6-55 loss to Belfast Blitzers at home as part of the Carrickfergus Festival on 9th August 1986.

Another match, after the season had ended, was a 8-28 loss to Ayr Burners of Scotland in the first International match played by a team from the NIAFA (Northern Ireland American Football Association – a Regional Development Body within the IAFA – Irish American Football Association).

Carrickfergus Cougars points were scored in the Ayr game by Mervyn Robinson who scored a Touchdown, which was converted for two points by D. Moran.

Carrickfergus Cougars International Friendly 1986

Carrickfergus Cougars International Friendly 1986

Carrickferggus Cougars IAFL Results 1986

Carrickfergus Cougars IAFL Regular Season Results 1986

Standings 1986

Note: The NIAFA was a League on Paper only that included only Regular Season Matches played by Northern Ireland teams amongst themselves – no extra matches were played. It is like a “Northern Conference” Table.

Note: No Official Standings were kept for all games played over the course of the 7 different competitions or stages of the 1986 IAFA season, this is a Composite Table calculated automatically by Eirball.

Players List

1Vincent PontanosaSouth Dublin SpartansMen's Singles, Mixed Doubles
2Eva BogoslovskayaSouth Dublin SpartansLadies Singles
3Daniel MageeSouth Dublin SpartansMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
4Scott GuildeaSouth Dublin SpartansMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
5Dija MaSouth Dublin SpartansLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
6Jennie KingSouth Dublin SpartansLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
7Jack O’BrienWestern WarriorsMen's Singles, Mixed Doubles
8Nicole JoyWestern WarriorsLadies Singles
9Declan BennettWestern WarriorsMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
10Rian Fox-HughesWestern WarriorsMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
11Lauren AuWestern WarriorsLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
12Fiona FarrellWestern WarriorsLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
13Molly DavisWestern WarriorsMixed Doubles
14Michelle ShochanPembroke PanthersLadies Singles
15David WalshPembroke PanthersMen's Singles, Mixed Doubles
16Erwin GuanPembroke PanthersMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
17Louie LyonsPembroke PanthersMen's Doubles
18Kirsty KellyPembroke PanthersLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
19Laura HennessyPembroke PanthersLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
20Leonie WardPembroke PanthersMixed Doubles
21Diarmuid CoxPembroke PanthersMixed Doubles
22Lucy FoxSmash BanditsLadies Singles
23Callum ThomasSmash BanditsMen's Singles
24Brian O’MahonySmash BanditsMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
25Daniel O’MearaSmash BanditsMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
26Bethany WongSmash BanditsMixed Doubles
27Cormac MeeganSmash BanditsMixed Doubles
28Dylan NobleMount Pleasant MaraudersMen's Singles, Mixed Doubles
29Sophia NobleMount Pleasant MaraudersLadies Singles, Mixed Doubles
30Paige WoodsMount Pleasant MaraudersLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
31Chloe WoodsMount Pleasant MaraudersLadies Doubles
32Adam JermynMount Pleasant MaraudersMen's Doubles
33Mark CobbeMount Pleasant MaraudersMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
34Owen MarronMount Pleasant MaraudersMixed Doubles
35Grace WebsterMount Pleasant MaraudersMixed Doubles
36Paddy MartinMount Pleasant MavericksMen's Singles, Mixed Doubles
37Siofra FlynnMount Pleasant MavericksLadies Singles, Mixed Doubles
38Neasa FlynnMount Pleasant MavericksLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
39Nastia ZurmansorMount Pleasant MavericksLadies Doubles, Mixed Doubles
40Will LaceyMount Pleasant MavericksMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles
41Mark PeardMount Pleasant MavericksMen's Doubles, Mixed Doubles


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Past Copies of the Belfast Telegraph are available to view online at: https://www.irishnewsarchive.com/


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