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Connacht Badminton GLTC Grade E Open 2019

Connacht Badminton Logo [References: 1]

Galway LTC Grade E Open (21 September 2019)

21.09.2019MD EPadraic Conroy (Furbo)
Praveen Panday (Galway LTC)
Martin Flannery (Oranmore)
Michael McGloughlin (Claregalway BC)
21-10, 21-11
21.09.2019WD E*Niamh Crowley (Crimlin BC)
Aoife Waldron (Galway LTC)
Louise Griffin (Galway LTC)
Ciara O’Conner (Galway LTC)
21-8 19-21
21.09.2019XD EDara O’Dochertaigh Barr (Galway LTC)
Niamh Crowley (Crimlin BC)
Michael McLoughlin (Claregalway BC)
Lisa Halpin (Cortonn)
21-8, 19-21
Connacht Badminton GLTC Grade E Open 2019 [References: 1-3]

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